Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes, I know. It's been awhile.
Yes, I know. For all of you who know me as a Christian, you are probably wondering if you are at the wrong blog after reading that title. But. You aren't.

To me, Eminem has been a very controversial figure in the music industry. You can count on him for two things: One, to be explicit. Very much so. Two, to lay down some sick beats. Obviously, the first is a horrible way to write music, but a lot of his songs have a "clean version" on itunes. Especially with his new album, I get the feeling of him searching for Christ. Ignore the obscenities. Get the clean version. Eminem is probably the last person to talk about if you are a Christian like me...but I'm starting to see him differently...I have a completely different view on people like Lil Wanye (>:O) but, this rapper seems different then the rest. In his new album, he seems to be shouting that he is imperfect. This is an album about him conquering drugs. In other words, his Recovery.

And that is the first step to finding Christ. To acknowledge your imperfect self for what it is. I sincerely hope and pray that he does find Christ.



Eldarwen said...

Hmmm, I have never heard of him. I don't really listen to rappers that "lay down some sick beats". lol :P

Good to hear from ya, even if it what you said has nothing to do with you. Haha! :D

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I'm with Eldarwen... "sick beats"??? Really? Really? *shakes head* anyways. Its nice that you're back... kinda sorta. But honestly, you post about a rapper when you have all of us waiting with baited breath for you to finally speak. You're evil, I've decided, evil. lol jk jk jk. Well at least we know you're alive right?

With Lvoe and Blessings
Bleah Briann

Victoria said...

Very true! Sometimes the hardest part is admiting that you have a problem, or that you did wrong! I've never heard of him, but I don't really listen to rap, hope he finds Christ!...Glad to hear from you!


emily said...

I love Eminem! All his songs seem to have a moral or at least something thats shows at least shows he's a step above the other rappers. (They might be rapping about mainly sexual stuff, Eminem is talking a lot about his personal life and how he's trying to become a better person). Cool huh?

This one caught my eye because I love any kind of rap music. Haha. :)


P.S. It's me, Emily! I changed my blog. Have a good one.